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Come and join us at our National Conference 30 September –2 October 2021, at the beautiful Gold Coast, Coolangatta.

Books by Brian Lennon

Two new books by Brian Lennon. Normally costing €20 each, these are being offered at a special discount price of €15 each until 4th July 2021. Dr. Glasser saw and approved the original material and both books have a foreword by Carleen Glasser.

The Practice of Reality Therapy: Learning to Counsel with Choice Theory Psychology
Explains Reality Therapy and offers ways to practise its different components with many examples and exercises. An ideal book for Reality Therapy trainees, instructors and supervisors.

The Practice of Choice Theory Psychology: Specific Counselling Applications
Outlines applications of Choice Theory in a range of counselling and educational settings. Includes topics such as
abuse, anger, bullying, conflict, difficult choices, relationships, self, stress and well-being.

Both books are over 400 pages and are available as paperbacks or as Kindle downloads from and For Amazon links and further information:

Just published in English,”Reality Therapy: Theory & Practice” makes a fascinating read both for those already familiar with Reality Therapy and for newcomers. The authors go beyond the basics of Glasser’s ideas and give new perspectives to the core concepts of Choice Theory. The book deals with a range of topics such as relationships, personality and personal well-being, giving the unique RT perspective on these. There are also many scripted examples of counsellor/client interactions and some interesting comparisons with other therapeutic approaches. The authors are Boba Lojk and her late husband Leon Lojk. Completion of the book became a labour of love for Boba after Leon passed away in 2014. The book has 200 pages and is available in Slovenian, Croatian and English.

$30.00 USD

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a great while, there comes along a person that can popularize the truth in such a way that it makes sense to a wide continuum of people. In taking the fundamental principles of cognitive psychology and expanding on those truths in a creative manner, Dr William Glasser has given to the world an understanding of human behavior and accordingly, suggestions on how to live a life in harmony with humankind’s nature and better judgment. It is a study worth the investment. For some, it will be life-changing; for others, it will be a reinforcing of the better angels of our nature.

Steve Hammond

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