It was about 13 years ago that I first picked up Choice Theory…..As a control person it really struck a cord with me– I needed to be able to give up control . control especially of things I had no control over , which is almost everything. — Kathy, Toronto, Canada

It has been several summers ago since reading one of Dr. Glasser”s choice therapy books. I am middle school teacher in Fort Worth and apply at least some of his theory in regards to student behavior. I like to share bits of ”choice” with new students to let them know my general philosophy concerning behavior. I mean, no one can control another person”s behavior but a person can be enlightened as to choices for behavior. — Jeffrey Barnes, Arlington, TX, USA

Choice theory has helped me take responsibility for my mind, thoughts… my life! Knowing the one has a CHOICE no matter how difficult the choice may be makes all the difference! –Toni-Jan Ifill, Kingston, Jamaica

Choice theory changed my life and my therapy style. It is much more intuitive to the patients/clients and they relate to the approach immediately. I find it particularly effective for marital therapy. — Yasmine Buraik, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

As a young teacher in the early 60s I was inspired by the book ”Schools without Failure”. As I read more of Dr Glasser”s work and began training with the WGI, I could see the potential for change and the development of the knowledge and skills that could revolutionise our schools. Since that I time, I have had the privilege of working alongside hundreds of teachers who inspire me to continue sharing this knowledge. I feel more powerful, playful, connected and free as a result of having learned from these gifts given to us by Dr Glasser. — Bette Blance, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Choice Theory has made a great and positive difference in my life. I now have a vocabulary to realize the mistakes I had been making over the course of my 66 years of life. An Adlerian psychologist first introduced me to Choice Theory and has worked with me extensively using it. I now know that what I do is my choice and not some random act of the universe and that I am responsible for my own actions and choices. I have had many trials in my life, starting from birth, and have had a number of psychologists and psychiatrists and been on medication over the years but it was not until I learned about Choice Theory that everything started to make sense and I started to turn my life around. What a great benefit this theory is for all of humankind. — Mary Satterwhite, Tampa, FL, USA

Bill Glasser’s concept of total behavior, a human biological fact, reminds us we have the amount of self control and self responsibility we are willing to assume. We are not victims of our past…if we can talk about it, we are victors over our past. We can indeed design our own destiny. This is Glasser’s genius…to note it, conceptualize it, and have the courage and perservance to use it to change the face of modern psychology. Bill’s work has evolved forever how we view ourselves and each other. — Ken Pierce, Stratford, Canada

Because I have taken the time to read the works of Dr Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, I now have the confirmation that this philosophy works….For thirty years I have studied philosophy…psychology…social issues…politics and economy…and I must confess that Dr Glasser’s philosophy and psychology…simplifies in a very efficient way the complicated issues of psychology and life conflicts in general, because it is so easy to understand and teach at any level of culture. — Claire Costom

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