Help on Discussion Forums

Access to the Forums

  • Only those who have registered as users or members on the WGI website will have access to discussion forums.
  • When you log in, your welcome page will contain links to the forums but you will also find these in the Members menu item.
  • To get to know the discussion forums, a good first step is to browse the material that is already there.

Structure of the Forums

  • The discussion area is divided into “categories”, one for each membership level. So, for example, there is a “REGISTERED USERS” category. When you log in, your welcome screen provides easy links to your categories.
  • Each category has a number of “forums” each of which is intended for a specific interest area within Choice Theory psychology. So, for example, there is a forum in the Registered Users’ category called “Reality Therapy”.
  • Clicking on the forum title brings you to the “topics” within that forum and to a space where you can create a brand new topic if you wish.
  • Clicking on a topic title brings you to a listing of messages (referred to as “posts” or “replies”) to that topic and there is space for you to reply to each post if you wish.
  • When you create a new topic or a new reply to an existing topic there is an option at the foot of the screen to “notify me of follow-up replies by email”. Tick this and you will be informed of any further comments added to the topic.
  • For some membership groups there is also an option to upload an attachment that is relevant to a topic or reply.
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