• We accept and uphold Choice Theory psychology as an explanation of human behavior, mental health, happiness, and personal wellbeing.WGI is international in nature, representing the Choice Theory psychology movements around the world.
  • We accept, uphold, and practice Choice Theory psychology in all our services and products.
  • We accept Choice Theory psychology as the foundation and guide of our management and business practice.
  • We accept Choice Theory psychology as the basis for Reality Therapy, Lead-Management, Glasser Quality Schools, and public mental health.
  • We accept and uphold that Choice Theory psychology will be the basis of future developments.
  • We accept and uphold the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Inspiring emotional wellbeing and mental health for all humanity.


The WORLD needs “a new model for living”
to create individual wellbeing, fulfilling relationships & satisfying work and learning environments.

We provide knowledge and skills, uniquely underpinned by Choice Theory® , an internal model of empowerment
for “how people can get along better”.

We operate through Member Organizations around the world offering culturally respectful training & innovative initiatives.


William Glasser International is the official global organization that sustains, advances, and celebrates Choice Theory
psychology and the applications.

  • William Glasser International (WGI) was authorized and recognized by Dr. William Glasser as the official international organization for Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead-Management, Glasser Quality Schools and other applications of Choice Theory psychology.
  • WGI is the body for offering official recognition to Choice Theory psychology education, training, and faculty programs.
  • WGI is the official body for authorizing and coordinating other branches or organizations around the world that teach and offer programs and services based on Choice Theory psychology.
  • WGI can offer official recognition for other programs using Choice Theory psychology.


WGI people agree to behave with:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Congruency
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Caring and supporting
  • Creativity and growth
  • Inclusiveness
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