William Glasser International announces the creation of the William Glasser Memorial Endowment Fund



Dear Members and Friends,

I was so very pleased to know that the Board of William Glasser International is initiating a memorial endowment http://www.bantuhealth.org/levitra-generic-buy/ fund to preserve the legacy of my dear husband Bill. He would have been very pleased to know how much you care about him and want to continue his efforts to teach people around the world choice theory and reality therapy. The William Glasser Memorial Endowment Fund is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the man who gave us so much. Your donations will be used to assist the board in advancing its vision and mission of keeping Dr Glasser’s ideas alive and helping the world become a better place. The fund would make it possible to sustain, over time, a way for all of us to stay connected and connect effectively with rest of the world steeped in external control. I hope you will consider donating whatever you can to insure the success of the dedicated work, currently being attempted, by our International Board. They need your support to carry on the Glasser Tradition and unite us all, world-wide, in this effort. It is an honor for me to speak on behalf of Bill and myself to thank you sincerely for all the things you do everyday to promote and preserve choice theory and reality therapy. Enclosed you will find out more details about The William Glasser Memorial Endowment Fund. Learn how you can become a part of this international effort to continue our work and pay tribute to William Glasser. He was a great man whom we all miss, but hopefully, his ideas will live on forever through you and your support of this fund.

Most sincerely yours,

Carleen Glasser


Contribuions of $1,000 or more

Shearon Bogdanovic-$4300.00

Shearon Bogdanovic-$3500.00

Anonymous from Korea-$1000.00
Shearon Bogdanovic-$3500.00

Carleen Glasser-$32,883.00>
Korean Counseling-$2000.00
William Glasser
WG Memorial
Fund Japan-$10,000.00
WGI Japan-$10,000.00
Japan Association
for CT Psychology-$10,000.00
Beverly LaFond-$3000.00
Carole Eaton-$1000.00
Masaki Kakitani-$1000.00
WGI Canada-$8852.00

Masaki Kakitani-$1000.00

Letter from the William Glasser International Board

An endowment fund is money that is invested with the intention of only using the interest that accrues from it. At no time will we encroach on the capital in the fund and in fact, hopefully, it will continue to grow in size year after year. The monies that are earned by the fund over the year become available to the organization to use in accordance with its vision, mission and legal incorporation.

The Memorial Endowment Fund has been created to assist in sustaining the ideas of Dr. William Glasser through the vision and mission of William Glasser International which was endorsed and supported by Dr. Glasser. The interest earned from the fund is what assists us to carry out this role. To continue his legacy and honour his wishes we, William Glasser International, have created this endowment fund in his name.

This fund will be supervised by a three person committee, currently Nancy Herrick, Al Katz and Jim Montagnes appointed by WGI to act on its behalf. This committee will include the treasurer of William Glasser International. There will be regular reports made to the international board.

We are requesting that you consider making a donation of any amount to this fund. Donations will receive a United States tax receipt from William Glasser International. If you would like to honour your involvement with Dr. Glasser and his ideas consider giving a yearly or monthly amount which can be charged to your credit card.

To make contributions to this fund through our secure online payment system, simply click on the “Contribute Now” button below and choose from the options on the page.

If you prefer to pay through the mail, you can send a check to Kim Olver payable to William Glasser International at 4053 W. 183rd St., #2666, Country Club Hills, IL 60478. Please indicate “Endowment Fund” in the memo section of your check.

We, the board of William Glasser International, want to thank you for your consideration and can assure you that your support will make a difference.


John Cooper

John Cooper, WGI Chair
William Glasser International


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