Reply To: Take Charge of Your Life Pilot Mentoring Program

Bette Blance

In mentoring CTRTC people who wish to be facilitators of Take Charge of Your Life, the following have been issues discussed.

1.The physical environment is important. A room with tiles or other hard floor coverings can be very noisy, particularly if the facilitator has any hearing loss. Rooms with carpet on the floor is easier.
2. Room set up is important. Room to set up discussion groups, for the facilitator to move around as groups work, having a clear space for some activities is important. Using a floor chart is a choice and if the chairs are arranged in a U shape around the chart this enables everyone to see.
3. If using a data projector and PowerPoint or the like, use a wireless presenter to free you from needing to change the slides at the computer. If you are hard of hearing this can help you get closer to the person asking a question or responding to a question.

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