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Nancy Herrick

I think that membership (through financial support)is the most effective way to structure voting rights. I agree with Brian that people will be more invested and interested in voting for issues that affect them. If someone joins WGI international and does not have an affiliate group to align with, they would fall under Mitchell’s group of “the rest of the world” and could connect with Mitchell for inclusion in decisions that would be important to them. I do not think that we want to block anyone from voting on WGI issues if they are paying members to any WGlasser organization.
This criteria will demand data accuracy and fee schedules and methods of payment to be agreed upon by all Glasser organizations. This is not to say that one size fits all, but an agreed upon operational procedure will be established, published and followed.
Again we are back to the discussion: what’s in it for them? I believe that we may need to be flexible with our published structures for the next 5 years or so, until the affiliates and regions around the world can be a little more organized, and we have more available services and opportunities for our members. This is a work in progress…and we are just beginning to establish new directions. For now, I think that the “dues paying member” is the criteria for voting rights.

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