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I come from a background of Unions here in Quebec and this is a special, unique, and challenging experience. I recall when good friends of ours had their living room window broken by a brick thrown at the house by an angry union worker because the husband who lived there worked for Hydro Quebec, a company that provides electricity to the province.

I understood from the lawyer’s explanation with the incorporation in Texas is that there is for profit or not for profit possibilities. Glasser Canada is a not-for-profit but we have three levels of membership and some with voting rights. I am not sure when our by-laws say ‘no voting rights’ that we still have paying members but some with voting rights.

What concerns us in Canada is that few people shall vote for our new rep. Rolf and the Board has tried hard to encourage membership and, to the best of my knowledge, there were only about 49 people eligible to vote. I would like to work toward having reps be truly representative. Canada is moving into a federal election October 19th and it will be interesting to see the percentage of the vote. In Australia, people must vote!

In any case, looking forward to the discussion.

Many thanks,

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