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Nancy Herrick

Connecting with your mentor on a regular basis over the period of time that you are preparing to facilitate the workshop is very important. If a mentee picks up the material, looks it over once, and then does not connect with his mentor, the process of thinking through the material, how you will teach it, how to structure the activities, when and how much to demonstrate, how much time will you need to allow for each activity, knowing the activities that you intend to use, etc. will halt, get lost in life happenings, and your enthusiasm may wain. Connecting regularly over a several weeks or months period, will keep the process and procedures on your mind. You will also find that you will be much more inclined to set up a date for the workshop and advertise it. Procrastination is not an effective behavior for someone facing the learning curve. Persistence is a much more effect behavior and will get you to your goal feeling more confident and prepared. Join the mentoring process, you’ll be glad you did. Facilitating this workshop will become a highlight in your life each time you provide it. Your participants will surprise you at how much TCOYL changes their lives in only six hours. Dr. Glasser’s concepts and theory are dynamite!

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