Vijayawada: Mobile addiction among teenagers is rampant in the city. It has become a hindrance to regular activities, say psychologists, including studies. It’s the case with 30% students, they say.

This trend has grown in the past one-and-a-half years. Teenagers from middle-income families force parents to buy premium, latest mobile phones. “If we get 100 cases a month, 30 relate to such teenagers and young students. These children spend too many hours mobile chatting or online,” clinical psychologist Dr Sasi Kiran said. Boys and girls are equally affected. Earlier, it used to be adolescent children; now more college-going students (18 and above) are affected. BTech students are a special concern.

In most cases, children are in constant conversation with the opposite sex. Experts say this happens for two reasons. “With everyone in the family busy, children miss attention. They try to befriend members of the opposite gender. These days not having boyfriend or girlfriend among youngsters is seen as ‘uncool’,” a doctor said. Psychologists often treat with them reality therapy spread over four-five sessions. Addicted teens are made to understand the consequences of addiction.

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