What is the “Take Charge of Your Life” workshop?

This is a special workshop open to the general public and intended to help people take better control of their lives. It serves as a basic introduction to Choice Theory psychology, an excellent explanation of human behaviour and a way to understand how we can improve the quality of our own lives and improve our personal wellbeing.

How many hours are in the workshop?

The workshop extends over six hours and these may be delivered in one day or may be distributed over several days to suit the needs of the participants.

Who can sign up to take the workshop?

The workshop is open to the general public. There are no pre-requisites required.

What is involved in the workshop?

The workshop is divided into six different sessions. Each session includes short presentations and activities. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun.

Is a certificate included?

Yes. The workshop is officially recognized by William Glasser International.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary from country to country. WGI wishes to offer the workshop at a reasonable price. The fee schedule is as follows:

  1. $5.00 for the administration fee to pay the entry of names to the database and the distribution of certificates.
  2. 10% of the net profit which goes directly to the endowment fund as a tribute to Dr Glasser.

Who facilitates the workshop?

Members of the WGI who are faculty or those accredited by WGI as facilitators. A list of accredited facilitators is available on the website.

How does someone become a “Take Charge” facilitator?

Once you have completed CT/RT certification and you have joined WGI as a member, you can contact a mentor/facilitator who will provide mentoring for you. You will upgrade your membership to “Facilitator Member” for a small additional fee and then download (or purchase) the program components.

Note: If you are a WGI faculty member and wish to be a facilitator and/or mentor of the Take Charge of Your Life workshop, log into the Faculty Resource page, and go to the section for “Take Charge”. Full details on the forms and program procedures are available there.

How do I find and join a “Take Charge of Your Life” workshop?

Visit websites hosted by your local Glasser organizations or contact WGI for further information as to when and where a workshop is being offered.


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