Bibliograpy of works by William Glasser M.D., Naomi Glasser & Carleen Glasser

Glasser, WilliamMental Health or Mental Illness?New York: Harper & Row1960
Glasser, WilliamReality TherapyNew York: Harper & Row1965
Glasser, WilliamSchools Without FailureNew York: Harper & Row1969
Glasser, WilliamThe Identity SocietyNew York: Harper & Row1972
Glasser, WilliamPositive AddictionNew York: Harper & Row1976
Glasser, WilliamStations of the MindNew York: Harper & Row1981
Glasser, Naomi (Ed)What Are You Doing?New York: Harper & Row1982
Glasser, WilliamControl TheoryNew York: Harper & Row1984
Glasser, WilliamControl Theory in the ClassroomNew York: Harper & Row1986
Glasser, WilliamThe Quality SchoolNew York: Harper & Row1990,1992
Glasser, WilliamThe Quality School TeacherNew View Publications1992
Glasser, WilliamThe Control Theory ManagerNew York: Harper Business1994
Glasser, WilliamStaying TogetherNew York: Harper & Row1995
Glasser, WilliamChoice TheoryNew York: Harper Collins1998
Glasser, WilliamReality Therapy in ActionNew York: Harper Collins1999
Glasser, WilliamEvery Student Can SucceedChula Vista: Black Forest Press2000
Glasser, WilliamThe Control Theory – Reality Therapy WorkbookLos Angeles: William Glasser Inc.1986
Glasser, William & Carleen GlasserChoice: The Flip Side of Control – The Language of Choice TheoryLos Angeles: William Glasser Inc.1998
Glasser, WilliamCreating the Competence Based ClassroomLos Angeles: William Glasser Inc.1999
Glasser, William & Carleen GlasserWhat is this thing called Love?Los Angeles: William Glasser Inc.2000
Glasser, William & Carleen GlasserGetting Together and Staying TogetherNew York: Harper Collins2000
Glasser, WilliamFibromyalgia: Hope from a completely New PerspectiveLos Angeles: William Glasser Inc.2001
Glasser, WilliamCounseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality TherapyNew York: Harper Collins2001
Glasser, WilliamUnhappy Teenagers: A way for parents and teachers to reach themNew York: Harper Collins2002
Glasser, WilliamWarning: Psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental healthNew York: Harper Collins2003
Glasser, WilliamDefining Mental Health as a Public Health IssueWilliam Glasser Inc.2005
Glasser, William & Carleen GlasserEight Lessons for a Happier MarriageHarper2007
Glasser, WilliamTake Charge of Your LifeiUniverse, Inc. Bloomington2011


Many of these books may be obtained from

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