Global Symposium 2021

Important: Read First

So that you can be assigned to the workshops of your choice, you must have a Zoom account. It can be the free account version but you must have a Zoom account. When you register for your workshops, you will need to give us your Zoom email address, the email you use to log into your Zoom account. Please make a note of it. After you pay, you will be redirected to Survey Monkey where you can choose your workshops. Do not choose them until you are sure of what you want to attend as you will be automatically sent to the rooms you register for on the day of the workshop. If you are paying for four classes, you may choose any four as long as their times don’t conflict on either or both days. If you pay for eight classes, you will be able to choose eight, again as long as the times don’t conflict. We are working on having the capacity to record all the sessions but at this point, that cannot be guaranteed.

Global Symposium 2021

Dates: February 20 & 21, 2021

Saturday, February 20th will be scheduled ideally for participants in the West from 9:30 AM Eastern/8:30 AM Central/6:30 AM Pacific/1430 UTC TO 8:30 PM Eastern/7:30 PM Central/5:30 PM Pacific/0130 UTC.

Sunday, February 21st will be scheduled ideally for participants in the East from 2130 UTC (February 20) /4:30 PM Eastern (February 20) /3:30 PM Central (February 20)/1:30 PM Pacific (February 20)/TO 0830 UTC/3:30 AM Eastern/2:30 AM Central/12:30 AM Pacific

$167 for 2 days or 8 sessions
$97 for 1 day or 4 sessions

Upon completion of purchase you will be brought to a survey where you will pick your sessions.
Please complete this step to complete your registration.

10% of your payment will go to the Endowment Fund


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