Frequently Asked Questions


Why join WGI?

  • William Glasser International is the official body originally established by Dr. William Glasser to coordinate training in Reality Therapy and later in other applications of Choice Theory. Faculty trained under the auspices of WGI are the only people who can offer courses that are authentic Glasser courses.

How can I contact the WGI Office?

  • Visit the “Contact Us” link on the home page of this website.

How can I contact the WGI Board?

  • Visit WGI in the main menu, then WGI Board and this has an option to send a message to any Board member.

What are the different levels of membership?

  • Apart from those who simply register on this website, we have full members and faculty members. Contact your Member Organisation for more information. A listing of Member Organisations can be found under “WGI” on the top navigation of the website.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Greater networking with other CT personnel around the world, free resources, discounts, newsletters, voting, supporting our shared vision.

How can I use discussion forums on the WGI website?

  • You need to be registered as a user or as a member. Links to the discussions will appear on your welcome page as well as being in the Members’ menu item. For further information about discussion forums see the notes below.

Can I join a WGI mailing list?

  • When you register or renew membership you are given that option. There is also a “join our Email list” link on the right-hand side of the home page.

Who receives WGI newsletters?

  • Everyone who registers on our website and indicates willingness to receive the newsletters.

If I do not have a PayPal account can I use my credit card?

  • Yes, on the payment page there is an option to pay by credit card.

If I do not have a credit card how can I pay?

  • On the payment page there is an option to send a cheque to WGI by post.

What is the difference between The William Glasser Institute and William Glasser International?

  • The William Glasser Institute has transformed into William Glasser International (WGI) to better represent our full international identity. Some affiliates of WGI still retain the words “William Glasser Institute” in their titles.

How can I add my picture (avatar) to my WGI profile?

  • Simple. Go to your profile page (click on “Membership Details” for this) and add one there. If you already have an avatar stored at that will be used by default.

If I wish to report a problem with the website, who can I contact?

  • Visit the “Contact Us” menu item, then “WGI Staff”, and you will find a message link beside Web Administrator.


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