This portion of the website is for people who want to become a dues-paying member and is made up of two sections.

General Membership: WGI Membership for non-faculty provides access to private discussions about any changes to how the organizations operates and new programs. Membership also provides people with voting rights when decisions need to be decided on membership. Also, beginning in 2014, only members of WGI will be able to vote for their candidate to represent them on the WGI board.

Faculty and CTRTC Membership: This section contains the following administrative materials: 1) Forms used by sponsors of Intensive Training in North America and Outside North America, 2) Sample Templates for Brochures for Intensive Training, 3) The Programs, Policies, and procedures Manual of The Institute, 4) the Current Directory and 5) The Institute Newsletter.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Access to WGI’s Newsletter, which contains up to the minute news and informative articles written by people using the concepts of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management and Quality Schools.
  2. Access to The International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.
  3. The ability to submit online courses for sale to the general public and access to an online marketing course and technological modules .
  4. The ability to participate in discussions and promotions, as well as network with other members, through WGI’s community portal.

To become a member or to renew your membership, it is necessary that you:

1. Complete the Membership Form and email to

2014 Membership Form


2. Make membership payment. Dues are $75.00 for practicum supervisors and instructors and $20.00 for general membership.. You may use our online payment option for your dues payment (the membership form must be submitted even if paying online- simply indicate online payment made on the payment portion of the form).

2014 Membership Form

Faculty Membership (practicum supervisors and instructors) – US $75.00
General Membership (non-faculty) – US $20
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