Hi, [wlm_firstname], nice to see you!

I hope to use this temporary page as a reminder to myself of work done and what’s pending!



  1. Establishment of membership levels (Wishlist Member)
  2. Basic Discussion forum structure. (One category per membership level each subdivided into relevant forums.)
  3. Integration with Discussion forum (BBpress)
  4. Associated levels of access.
  5. Login widget
  6. A welcome page for each membership level. This contains specific links for each level and could carry general news of special relevance to that level.
  7. Specific Discussion page for each membership level. I haven’t found a satisfactory way to prevent people seeing the forum titles from other levels. (They cannot see the contents of higher levels.) Hence a separate discussion page for each level! In this I have added details about security. We might find a better way of doing this.
  8. Non Members accidentally (or otherwise) accessing Faculty or Board discussion links will get a “Private Area” message instead of “Oops!” In these two levels the “Oops” message about upgrading does not apply.


  1. Final location and look for login widget – Top right seems a good idea!
  2. Registration page(s) – should we have one for each level or a single page showing all the levels of membership?
  3. Linking registration to payment methods. DONE
  4. Using Captcha (or ReCaptcha) for registration and login. DONE
  5. Adding the magic designer touch to the new pages … the “DD” touch! ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Integration of Wishlist Member with Shopping Cart. Will leave that to Denise!
  7. Incorporation of Google Analytics so we can see hit stats for the site. (This normally means an addition of some lines of code to the root template.)
  8. Enhancing the site’s added value for full members in particular by special resource pages and the like.
  9. Check compatibility with different browsers.
  10. Checking compatibility with smart phone viewing.


  1. When logging out, Wishlist doesn’t take the user to the predetermined page. Result is often an “Oops” message due to the current page being for members only.
  2. Sometimes the login “welcome” page doesn’t kick in either!
  3. The notice a user sees after completing a registration form shows the member level with a strike-out line through it.
  4. The “terms of service” field does not show the contents of the field.
  5. the “terms of service” field does not have an essential field option (very important).
  6. When a registration page is incompletely filled in and rejected, previously entered data is preserved except in the case of multiple choice responses (which erase).
  7. Some pages do not print properly – even when they have full-width format.


  1. Suppose a member signs up on 1st December 2013, for example, and gets a renewal reminder on 15th November 2014. If this person renews on 15th November, will the new membership period start on 1st December when the old one runs out. If not, it’s not an ideal situation.
  2. Can we upload docs to the discussion forum?
  3. Ideally replace “Howdy” with “Welcome” (See
  4. The “Sequential Upgrade” in Wishlist allows us to UP a member’s level after x days. If we have associates, for example, and we want them to taste full membership, we could up them in the last week of their year!! A thought!
  5. Side menu drop-downs go off screen! A top menu might be better. DENISE RESOLVED THIS!
  6. Profile: default is to take user to back-end!!!!! Not professional! Have tried “Profile Builder” locally. It works but it might interfere with Wishlist settings! There must be a simple solution!
  7. Anything that users are likely to want to print probably should have layout set to Full Width!



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