Research Ideas

Choice Theory Psychology

Research and Topic Ideas from William Glasser Institute, Ireland

RESEARCH: Construct Validation

RESEARCH: Effectiveness


RESEARCH: Factors Affecting Counselling

• Components of Involvement and their influence on the Counselling Process
• Analysis of Quality World Exploration techniques
• Analysis of the use of Self-Evaluation in Reality Therapy Counselling
• Analysis of Planning in Reality Therapy
• Factors influencing the length of counselling, number of sessions, duration of sessions


Project Topic Ideas

Reality Therapy
Lead Management
Quality Schools

The following idea comes from Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D.

I think that it would be beneficial for WGI to create some culture/climate surveys from the CT perspective. The other possibility (and it may be interesting to use more than one assessment) is to use other culture surveys that have already been created (and established validity and reliability) to measure changes in the organization. Some of these were just mentioned in another group I participate in–one was Denison . I don’t recall the other right now. I also like the series of 12 questions the Marcus Buckingham developed to measure the strength of the workplace (Find this in “First Break all the Rules”)

Public Mental Health
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