November 22, 2022 (
1000 UTC to 2230 UTC)

Summit Schedule

Registration is now open for WGI’s International Online Summit scheduled November 22, 2022 from 1000 UTC to 2230 UTC, with themes of connections, celebrations and learning together. We will hear about a new GQS, updates on research, our platinum LEAD certified GQS, celebrating conferences from this past year, as well as an update on the International WGI Conference 2024 in Chicago, USA.

This Summit is for everyone, and we are excited to offer you a Summit program which includes presentations from 11 different countries, as well as seven opportunities to interact in small groups with colleagues from around the world and a focus on research that is being done, or has been done, and how it supports our efforts to establish Reality Therapy® and Choice Theory® as evidence-based practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a sense of the global organization and all the exciting work that is happening worldwide.

This year, the training committee has decided to offer registration on a donation basis to recognize world economic differences. Our sincere hope is that those who can pay more will do so, in support of those who are experiencing more challenging economic situations. The donation amount automatically defaults to $47 USD but can be adjusted down to $10 or up to $97. You simply type in the amount you wish to pay and we thank you for your generosity. The Summit program will be posted shortly.

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