Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan

Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan

Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan. Malaysia

Owner/Counselor at Ajjhearttalk Counselling and Senior Lecturer at HELP University College

The video contains an interesting discussion of how Choice Theory supports responsible choices in cross cultural situations. Dr. Anasuya goes into some depth on how Reality Therapy and an understanding of Choice Theory affect parenting and family life. She concludes the interview with an interesting overview of the history of her country, Malaysia, from a British Colony, through Japanese occupation during WWII , to their present independence.


Robert E. Wubbolding

Robert E. Wubbolding


Dr. Bob Wubbolding, USA

Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD,is an internationally known teacher, author and practitioner of Reality Therapy.

His professional goal has been to make Reality Therapy respectable, respected, practical, cross-cultural and universally applicable.

This video is a conversation on how Dr. Wubbolding has used Reality Therapy and Choice Theory on many levels. He talks about his experience through the years teaching and applying the work of Dr. Glasser throughout his long career as a teacher.

Juan Pablo AljureJuan Pablo Aljure, Columbia

In this video we have an interesting discussion with Juan Pablo Aljure on how Dr. Glasser has influenced him personally and professionally. Some thoughtful comments on life in the modern world and how Choice Theory has been helpful. Juan Pablo has a broad range of interests and education that serve him in his work. Following is a review of his CV.

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University – 1986
M.Ed. Educational Administration at Texas A&M University – 1992
M.Sc. Natural Resources Management at Florida Institute of Technology – 2009
Senior Faculty Member WGI

Certified in:

– System of a Profound Knowledge by W. Edwards Deming
– The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge
– Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling in Education by The Creative Learning Exchange
– Teaching for Understanding by Project Zero Harvard
– Cooperative Learning by Edythe, David, and Roger Johnson
Worked at Rochester School since 1987, currently President

Co-founder and current President of Fundacion Elegir (Choose Foundation) for teaching CT and its applications

Farid D'SilvaDias

Farid D’SilvaDias

Dr. Farida Dsilva Dias, India

Dr. Farida Dsilva Dias is a practicing Clinical Psychologist. She has worked with Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in Kuwait and Goa, a state on the west coast of India. She also runs the Centre for Reality Therapy India.

In this brief conversation we talk about how Dr. Dias was first exposed to Dr. Glasser’s work and how she used it in her work in Kuwait and then Goa. You will find the discussion of cross cultural benefits of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy very interesting.

Ken Pierce

Ken Pierce

Ken Pierce, Canada

A business psychologist, international speaker and author, has worked for thirty-five years in psychology, education and corporate development presiding over his own company, Clarendon Consulting, a consulting and counselling practice.

Ken holds Senior Faculty status in the William Glasser Institute of Los Angles and the Demartini Institute of Houston, Johannesburg and Sydney. He is a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, DACUM Occupational Analysis and Learning Management. He is a former faculty of both Holland College (Early Childhood Education, Executive Training) and the University of Prince Edward Island (Psychology).

Ken has published in the areas of wellness, depression, self-esteem, leadership, (Using Lead Management on Purpose), management, occupational analysis, stress management, learning environments, school yard bullying, (The Dance of Bullying) and prostate cancer, (A Grandfather’s Tale).

Ken is pursued as a coach and facilitator in many areas of business, psychology and leadership development. Ken has conducted numerous seminars and his expertise includes: wellness, self esteem, relationships, leadership, team building, coaching; purpose-focused organizational development, competency based learning, productivity, mentoring and business consultancy.

Ken’s blog can be found at: and his website at:

alisahebi2Ali Sahebi, Iran

Ali Sahebi is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Faculty of WGI. On April 2009 Ali established the William Glasser Institute in Iran and since then he has run 82 formal trainings in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy and lead Management in Iran and Australia. Ali translated All Dr. Glasser’s books into Farsi (Persian language) and has published them in Iran. He also published 23 books in the area of Clinical Psychology, Choice Theory and reality therapy. Ali also introduced Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to Australian Psychological Society (APS) in the format of two training workshops: Reality Therapy in Action and Advanced training course in Reality Therapy, as an evidence based treatment and APS recognized and endorsed Ali’s Reality Therapy training courses as 14 Professional development points for Psychologists. Ali also trained more than 6000 psychologists and counselors as well as school staff in Iran with CTRTLM. In 2015, Ali invited to TED talks. Ali delivered a Talk in TEDx Kish and his speech title was: The Simple way of Choice Theory. In his talk Ali introduced the main concepts of Choice Theory to public.


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