Argue against children is beneficial to your health and your marriage!

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      Avatar photoMohammad Janblaghy

      It may seem odd, but argue in front of your children and your marriage is better for their health, make sure you ask how?
      Are you trying to hide something Zaytr discussion of current and there you have it?
      For example, when you go to see a couple of discussion occurs suddenly and they apologized and left the room to be together, they argue.
      The idea is to argue that you are quiet and stealthy show is going on, from a noisy argue better, but how?
      Everybody knows that you’re argument.All strange feeling to it. Is placed in front of all express your privacy, but I think it is like old times flow and open debate in front of others, especially our children.
      I used to notice the differences between my daughter and her father is, until I realized that maybe I could use this issue him a lesson about love I unconditional.
      The idea argue in front of impressionable children and innocent so unusual idea is that when I tell people that I talk to my daughter, my husband, everybody thinks before he is ready to do this would be great, but I’m the man I’m not terribly bad.
      Just listen to me.
      At least we argue in front of the child makes civilized behavior.
      When we think about this case, we see that people are unwilling to do so because they think that might work just as well say the uproar and the controversy is, let him hear you do not want to your or are screaming what Floss ugly.
      On the other hand, none of these things do not add anything valuable argument and they often do it longer.
      I am the first to admit that I do what ugly and bad, every time I get angry, I can say to my wife, but if there is a child of the things I did.
      In addition, a child makes you honest.
      While you should never give your child the role of a judge, no one sniff, niggle, even giving you the best of a child is 7 years old.
      I know if one of the bad things my wife and I have great wings, I really can not tell me that you’re my dirty socks Father “billions of times” Krdhbashy find the stairs, no reason that talk to me.
      Finally and most importantly, there is tension and conflict in relationships, either with parents or with a partner.
      None of these children will not confuse me when I was older, because he will direct that a debate is ringing the death of a relationship.
      My husband and our daughter is important to notice that in a healthy relationship conflicts and problems, but the behavior is not offensive and sexist abuse!
      He will know that a constructive debate, violent, uncontrollable or not litigious where the curse.
      Arguing happens when you’re dealing with an encroachment, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but if the relationship is worth saving, you stay with it and he was trying to correct.
      Above all, this is how she sees the debate is over.
      Sometimes, a hug, sometimes with an apology and sometimes to a dead end, however, all will.
      So many things that I hope to see my daughter, my wife Jrvbhshay learn, but the biggest one is:
      Sometimes we do things we do not like people who love them. متاسفانه گاهی خود آن‌ها را هم دوست نداریم.
      Unfortunately, sometimes they do not like.
      But the family is always room for sabotage and being loved is still Vshrvt condition.

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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      If the arguing is a discussion that models the connecting behaviours and does not use the disconnecting behaviours, it can model for young people a way to sort out differences of opinion. If it uses the disconnecting habits it becomes a battle of wills and models coercion and power over.

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