Can we model another approach to divisive issues?

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      Avatar photoDr. Ken Larsen

      As a species, we are faced with a number of intractable polarizing issues, both domestically and internationally. Is there a way to get to dialogue without throwing another trite, contentious bumper sticker slogan (that is a non-solution) into the fray that usually does no more than stir up further opposition?

      As Choice Theorists wouldn’t it be interesting to put together a number of role plays that model a more hopeful way of addressing the issues? Sort of like an applied Solving Circle writ large?

      If we can show a way that is conceptually possible to find a mutually respectful “live and let live” resolution, we might have something to offer.

      And if we can’t find that place of mutual understanding, what is the best way to accept and live with that reality?

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