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      Hi Brian,

      Don’t know if this is area but it has to do with Certificates. One of the challenges we in Canada have had and perhaps other organizations within WGI as well is in verifying who is up to date etc. Is it possible to have digital signatures which are affixed electronically to certificates only if instructor is a bona fide one – one who has paid dues and perhaps later on . . . has done an update/upgrade to maintain currency with Glasser’s ideas.


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      Brian Lennon

      Jean, that would require quite a lot of programming and it’s not a database type of thing in itself. However, there is a solution. When a course organiser seeks approval for a course, the status of the faculty member can be checked.

      Eventually I would like to see our database go online and have a situation where course details can be entered there. The faculty member would be selected from a list of faculty. Those not official would not be listed there.

      If we are to represent the authenticity of the CT brand, some sort of central registration of faculty and courses is essential.

      Some time ago we agreed that we should have a system of numbering certificates so that we could stand by certs issued in the name of WGI. When courses are being organised, the organiser needs to touch base with that system so that valid numbers are issued to trainees. I do have ideas about how to administer all of this but it would take quite a bit of writing to explain it here. We can go into details later.

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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      I agree with the notion that currency for Faculty is important. I was able to get a copy of membership from Kim and found that several of our instructors are not paid up members of WGI.

      A way to check before issuing certificates would be good. Do all course organisers seek approval for training through Kim? Or is this done at the Member Organisation level. It is in Australia and NZ.

      I believe it is key that Member Organisations ask for current membership lists on a regular basis.


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