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      Brian Lennon

      The transitions we need are:
      1. ensure that all current work is being backed up safely
      2. update the current database with the backlog of data
      3. move to version 13 of Filemaker Pro so that all our admins can share data
      4. once this version is stabilised, create a new database that can handle our new course structures

      My information at present is that due to a data crash and no backups we are currently at step 1 or 2.

      Future developments: I believe we need to come up with a way for faculty to be able to fill in an online form that will link to the database. The database manager will need to validate this data but that is a much simpler job than having to input a lot of data.

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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      Yes please. Online form filling is so important in this day and age. Efficient for the person needing to complete the form. Even better for the person doing the data entry. I look forward to hearing how this can happen, to inform our own organisations wanting to choose a data base. Keeping a safe, efficient, reliable data base is so important. Ease of access to the data by those who need it is also important.

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      James Montagnes

      Dear Brian, Kim and Denise:

      WE need to take control of the database now I believe. If there is 100 hours of data that needs inputting; we need to take control of this and get it done so we can move forward. If we need to hire a student at minimum wages to carry this out, so be it, but we need to do this quickly.


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      Nancy Herrick

      I believe that updating and backing up our data base is a first priority at this time. I am with Jim in that the number of hours is not the issue, it is that we have not made this a priority and hired someone to focus on it with no interruptions. If this is the reason that the membership drive has not been set up until Feb, then that indicates to me an even more emergency situation. It could be that we are expecting one or two people to do more than we are paying them for. We seem to be stacking the jobs and responsibilities on Kim and Denise and yet not paying them for full time employment. I think we should hire another person to deal with the data. A couple weeks salary will not break our budget. A delayed membership drive or inability to enter the data into a database, may do long term damage to the organization as a whole. Nancy H.

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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      I agree with what Jim and Nancy have said. As an affiliate I want some data about the last entries and payments for training so I can ensure that in New Zealand we are up to date with what we owe. Unfortunately a recent change in management committee members has meant that we are unclear about what has been paid and what has not. The data base would give us that information very quickly.

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