How did you become interested in Choice Theory?

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      Brian Lennon

      I would love to hear how different people became interested in Choice Theory psychology and what in particular attracted your attention. My own involvement was almost accidental. I was fed up going to seminars that were not very useful so I decided that from then on I would focus on the originators of new ideas. A friend told me Bill Glasser was visiting Ireland, he fitted my new requirement and the rest is history! His ideas were down-to-earth and immediately useful in counselling!

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      Avatar photoKim Olver

      My involvement with Choice Theory was equally accidental. I was working in a place where I didn’t respect my supervisor. I was seeking another job. I interviewed at three places and was offered all three jobs. I decided to take the one at the foster care agency because they were going to train me in Reality Therapy. I didn’t know what that was but I thought training in anything counseling-related was definitely good for me. I had Nancy Buck as my basic instructor. I loved the ideas and I especially loved her. And, as you say, the rest is history!

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