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      School of lifeLord, help us to be diligent employed in building the world community.

      Really Best fortunate and blessed is he who Calling for the welfare of others Is ..

      Who moved the mountain of gravel began moving.

      Mohammad jan bolagh with the message: “We have come a man to reconcile with them.” The main slogan deeply believes that it placed an attitude that promotes teaching. Societies, says the main problem is that people do not love themselves and do not reconcile with them.

      I tell you Believe in yourself. Back to the past and now, how can you go and see how powerless you were. Believe in yourself. Have faith in God. Have faith in universal compatibility.
      This is consistent the world over. The purpose of this is not what you destroy the world. The world does not have such a plan.
      Water comes from the top down. This is the divine will and attractions universal design. Because of gravity, if a stone falls, it appears on your head. And if the water uvula. Now let the water wheel to give you power. You can not change the law. God’s Law system, understand, and use it to benefit yourself and others.

      Mohammad jan bolagh is?

      Bachelor of Biology

      Clinical Psychologist specializing in children and adolescents

      hypnw physiotherapist

      Author of several books Psychology

      Chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year 90

      Gold sales and business elite courses

      Consultant and coach a number of economic giants

      Mohammed Janblagی, A specialist in child and adolescent clinical psychology (with ۵ Years Lawyers in private and public consultation centers)

      Job fields: Pre-marital counseling, couples therapy, family counseling (relationships and emotional space between family members), divorce counseling and treatment for emotional problems (depression, anxiety and stress, etc.), problems of children and adolescents (autism, ADHD, stuttering and … )


      In response to a high degree and degree-oriented ones tend to say:

      Better not to ask yourself why this country is so stuck to their degree of care?

      Better not to ask ourselves whether what I have learned from this person or not?

      Whether their contents are useful or not?

      Sa’adi and Hafez other large and doctoral degrees from Harvard and Yale and Oxford and … have?

      PS:To be a great service to offer my clients, costs have many, many training sessions we have seen and read every day

      Mohammad jan bolagh far more than thousandsPersons have attended lectures.


      Mohammad jan bolagh book list is as follows:

      Row The book’s title Description
      ۱ Psychology book How to have a successful marriage? (More information …)
      ۲ Psychology book You can get rich! (More information …)
      ۳ Psychology book Life experiences maker (More information …)
      ۴ Book Child Psychology (More information …)
      ۵ Psychology book Mental Health (More information …)
      ۶ BookStrategic Management of Health (More information …)
      ۷ Book psychology, physiology, endocrinology and neurology (Under press …)
      ۸ Psychology, depression, anxiety and obsessive (Under press …)

      Mohammad jan bolagh Conferences list is as follows:

      course title

      period of time
      ۱ Conferences Psychology of puberty and adolescence 45 minutes.
      ۲ Education Marketing skills 360 minutes
      ۳ Courses Sales skills and customer penetration 13 hours
      ۴ Holding the largest National Seminar Select Location in esfehan
      4 hours

      ۵ The largest holding of seminar Parenting skills In Bukan 3 ساعت
      ۶ Holding کارگاه Hero or victim in Tehran 2 hours
      ۷ Holding Couples therapy and family therapy At the University of Mahabad ۶ the watch

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