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      Brian Lennon

      I believe we very badly need a new RT Certification programme, one that will provide basic competence in RT. This will NOT be a GQS or LM training though these might be mentioned. It will dovetail with other more advanced programmes such as the European Psychotherapy training but will not be identical to it. It needs to preserve an international quality as RT basic certification. In designing it we would do well to examine counsellor accreditation schemes around the world so as to provide some degree of compatibility.

      Please, please, when we say “certification”, let’s not keep referring to that which was created in the sixties. We need QS programmes to be given by educational specialists, RT training to be given by counselling specialists and so on. This is not to say we could not have a “Choice Theory” course per se BUT we should advertise it as such and present it as such.

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      Nancy Herrick

      Basic Reality Therapy Counseling Skills This course was initially designed at the board meeting committee in Oct 2015. It is being detailed and published in draft form in Jan and Feb 2016. The program committee is at work now on the details and if anyone has any suggestions for inclusions, we are open to these at this time. The format has been suggested:
      1st segment: 3 days @ 6 hours per day Introduction and basic RT structure and content
      2nd segment: 5 days of practicum divided by time in between sessions;2-Practical skills
      development and 3- integration of the process.
      3rd segment: two days of 6 hrs each: Integration and endorsement with certificate
      Certificate in Reality Therapy Counseling Skills is a competency based course.
      We are detailing the skills and competency expected for the curriculum.

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