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      Hello, I am just catching up so many may have already provided input directly to Brian. I believe that there are many autonomous organizations and Canada is one plus the Québec group is another that has been incorporated since the 70’s. I believe Boba presented a strong case for Europe. There still needs to be dialogue and perhaps a Guide regarding WGI entering into a partnership with what Brian calls ‘affiliates.’ Being a ‘partner’ might be more palatable to some organizations worldwide. The French group would not necessarily wish to be considered an affiliate since they speak only French and engage in programs and research through the University of Laval. Similarly, the group in Morocco. These are corporations that want to promote Dr. Glasser’s work but in their own language and in a manner particular to their own customs and belief systems.

      Canada and Québec have formed a partnership for training and a contract outlining conditions. This is an equal partnership relationship. I would like to see this type of relationship between WGI and those organizations/corporations being outlined and presented to all organizations for input first. It appears that a DRAFT would go to organizations/corporations for input and then revised accordingly rather that policies emanating one after another from the Board before input from groups who have been incorporated for years. Many thanks,Jean

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