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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      I think this is comprehensive and very useful for members.

      I am not sure where we are at with the term Choice Theory Reality Therapy Certified. Does this replace Reality Therapy Certified? Maybe I have got it wrong.

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      Brian Lennon

      Bette I think we need to clarify this issue about terminology. I believe that the old certification model was designed to deliver REALITY THERAPY TRAINING and in more recent times was reshaped a little to accommodate CHOICE THEORY.

      However, I believe that most who seek certification are in fact looking for training in RT (which of course will include CT but that is not what they come looking for). Therefore I believe we need to offer different courses: (1) A specific RT course, (2) GQS courses, (3) a specific CHOICE THEORY PSYCHOLOGY course and other courses representing other applications of CT.

      I personally will continue to refer to the old certification course as an RT training since that is what I believe it is. We need to make a new version of that and then create other certification courses for GQS, CT etc.

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      Avatar photoBette Blance

      In all the documentation of Take Charge we refer to people as CTRT. I agree with the sentiment that as it is currently CRT

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