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      Here is a suggestion:

      Instead of ‘affiliate,’ WGI could use any one of the following which truly reflects organizations and/or communities who are autonomous and share interests with WGI:

      1. Independent organizations recognized by William Glasser International
      2. Autonomous organizations recognized by William Glasser International

      For example, Canada has proposed the following by-law which shall be reviewed and hopefully passed later this month at our AGM:

      2.3.5 Enter into partnerships, agreements and/or serve as liaison with other organizations in order to present and achieve mutually sought aims and objectives.

      Kim raised a good point in checking out the use of the word ‘partnerships’ so I shall be checking this with Industry Canada. If we cannot, we can restate:

      Enter into agreements etc.

      It is interesting when I researched meanings of ‘independent’ and ‘autonomous,’ I spotted CHOICE as a synonym. International communities, at least those around for some time, have worked hard for independence so it is not that they would not accept WGI, they want a CHOICE in what they can continue to offer and yet respect WGI. This is the spirit of collaboration and negotiation.

      Thank you,

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