Processing of Policies


  • Stage 1: LAUNCHING of idea and decision to work towards a policy/plan. This proposal might be introduced at a Board Meeting, on a discussion forum or in emails. In a Board meeting, the Propose/Second/Vote action can move the proposal to the next stage for more detailed discussion.
  • Stage 2: ANALYSE on forum and via emails. The forum helps keep the thread of the discussion with a clear
    linear development of the suggestions and modifications. Rather than have a fixed deadline, delegates could at any point indicate that
    there had been enough discussion and agree to move the proposal to the next stage, bringing it back to the Board meeting.
  • Stage 3: SYNTHESIZE in a Board meeting. A fresh draft of the proposal as shaped by the discussion stage is now presented in a Board meeting for final tweaking.
  • Stage 4: APPROVAL or not. The new tweaked draft is proposed/seconded/voted. Approval moves the proposal to the next stage. If not approved the proposal may be passed back to the discussion stage.


  • Stage 5: CONSULTATION with members via website and notification email. Members/affiliates are invited to give feedback about the proposal. During this period, the proposal presented online might be modified so that members can see how the proposal is being modified. A time limit of 1 month might be appropriate here.


  • Stage 6: ADJUSTMENT and adoption or not by WGI. A final draft of the proposal with modifications based on feedback from members is formally presented to the board.
  • Stage 7: PUBLICATION of the offical policy/document on the website. The proposal is not official until it is published as such on our website.
  • Stage 8: REVIEW of the policy annually considering any feedback received. This will apply to all policies that have been fully approved.




2ANALYSISThree Ethics Documents
Certification Update
5CONSULTATIONResearch Policy Draft
7PUBLICATIONConference Policy

Mission, Values & Principles
Becoming and Affiliate of WGIPolicy & Procedures Manual
Requests for Training



PS – please let me know if I have not placed proposals/policies accurately in the above table or if I have omitted some. – Brian Lennon

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