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kenlarsenKenneth T. Larsen, BS, DDS, CTRTC

When I ask myself, “Who am I?” This is one of the answers I get: I am a student of the human condition, concerned with understanding and overcoming obstacles to our developing potential as individuals, in relationships, and as a species. I have found Dr. Glasser’s contributions most helpful in this process.

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Janet Fain MorganDr. Janet M. Fain Morgan, NCC, LPC, DCC, CT/RT, EMDR

For the past three years I have worked on the William Glasser International Board on many committees: Research, Faculty Training, Marketing, the Take Charge of your Life program and worked with the Board to develop policies. In addition, I attended monthly meetings, participated as a voting member of the board and participated in multiple avenues that promoted the ideas of William Glasser around the world.

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Stephanie Myers

I was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, where I was an Ontario Scholar and Provincial athlete. I completed my concurrent English and Psychology undergraduate degrees, as well as my B.Ed., and MA in English Literature at the University of Windsor. Upon completion of my degrees I moved to British Columbia where I spent the next 15 years living, teaching, and experiencing all of the incredible outdoor opportunities that the west coast has to offer.

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Maureen Craig McIntosh, M.ED.CCC. CPC
Senior Faculty William Glasser International

I am genuinely interested in advancing and expanding on the ideas of Dr. William Glasser! His work inspired me right from the beginning. I did my first basic intensive in 1986 when I was searching for skills to use with the Teenagers I was working with at the time. Little did I know how much those skills would influence my own life and work. Next year will be 30 years since I did my first basic training.

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