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      Brian Lennon

      Here is a position for you to discuss all matters relating to the term “Member Organisation”. This is part of our process to find a more acceptable term than “affiliate”.

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      Avatar photoJuan Pablo Aljure

      I understand member organizations as any organization that can become a member of WGI. I do not see a significant difference with the name organizational member. WGI representative organizations around the world are very important to leading the world with CT and should have a name that is consistent with that. In that light, I prefer affiliate, branch, representative, etc.

      In addition, I think we will be setting up open competition to current organizations because other organizations can become member organizations on the same region or country. That is not good for the relationship.

      Juan Pablo

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      Brian Lennon

      You are right JP except that we need to change the other term. If we accept “Member Organisation” as the most appropriate/acceptable term to describe all those organisations that are actually part of WGI then we need a different term for other types of membership. That’s why I suggested “Group Membership” for the latter. This might apply, for example, to a school where a number of members have had our training and want to join as a group. I fully agree with you that there should be a clear difference between these two quite different types of membership. If there’s something here I’m missing in your understanding of these terms I would love to hear abut it.

      I believe we need to identify a lesser type of membership for those who simply want to link to us without being actual members and I believe the best word for this is “Associate”. So, for example, a counselling organisation in China might want to become “associates” or even “group associates” with WGI so as to receive news from us and maybe a special access on our website and/or discussions. They would not be accepting our ethics nor would they be administering courses. They simply want to associate themselves with us.

      The other issue about multiple organisations in a given region … as I said at the meeting there could be a good reason for such a development. For example, there may be multiple language groups. However, I would think that once WGI acknowledged a given organisation as its “member organisation” in that area, then applications from other groups in the area would need to be studied carefully and with due consultation with the original organisation. Looking at the multiplicity of political and geographical systems around the world I think we need to be flexible.

      In fact we already have overlaps. For example, WGII (Ireland) has had a “member organisation” since 1987 but we are also members of EART which is also a “member organisation” of WGI.

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      Brian Patterson

      I do see Juan Pablo’s point here. I think organizations who wish to partner with WGI in a particular country where there is a pre-existing member organization should be able to do so but to make clear, between all parties, what the relationship will be.

      From the grammar perspective a member organization would be an organization that is a member. An organizational member could be an individual that is a member of an organization.

      I do think that Brian’s thought about associates is an important possibility as well. Making a broad range of contact possibilities will expand our ability to communicate.

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      It would have been helpful had Kim Olver been able to participate in the disucssion. It is interesting that the organizations who participated in the Sept 2nd meeting had come to an agreement with ‘local.’ I know I seemed to forget this important aspect. I hope we can devote some time but not loads of time to this one issue which has been lingering. May I suggest that Kim and John have some names available and which can be accepted by all. It would help resolve this, I believe.

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      Brian Lennon

      The difficulty I have with “local organisation” is that it does not define the relationship with WGI. All around the world almost every town or village has “local organisations” but we are looking for a term to describe those who are part of WGI. I would worry about those who do not want to be “member organisations”.

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      Janet Morgan

      I looked at the American Counseling Organization site to see how they had their PARTNERS listed and they used the word, Branch, i.e., European Branch of the ACA

      Just another word to add to the list!!

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